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Table of Contents

Search Page Instructions

Welcome to the Procurement Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Library. This site makes it possible for you to search, view, print and download the Terms and Conditions, Exhibits and Addenda ("Documents") that are referenced on the Purchase Order and that govern the transaction. Follow these five steps to search for those Documents:

  1. In the Document Number box enter all of the Document identifiers as they appear on the Purchase Order (example AF0000A).
  2. Do not include the title of the Document in the Document Number box.
  3. Separate each Document Number with one space. Do not use any other characters to separate the Document Numbers.
  5. Click the Search button.

Additional Search Page Help

  1. Terms and Conditions, Exhibits and Addenda are referred to herein as "Documents".
  2. When entering the Document Numbers be sure that you do not enter any special characters. For example, the following characters are not allowed in the Document Number box: - , ; Ä ç ñ ' { } | [ ] ^ ~ < > = / # ? : * " &
  3. When entering the letters (non-number characters) they may be in either lower case or upper case. Example: “af0001c” or “AF0001C”.
  4. To start the search, be sure to click the "Search" button or press the enter key.

You are cautioned to be sure that you have entered all of the Document ns referenced on the Purchase Order. All of the referenced Documents are incorporated into the Purchase Order, as more fully described in the Applicable Terms on the Purchase Order. Nothing herein is intended to override the corporate separateness of local entities or affiliates.

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Search Results Page Instructions

If you entered the Document Numbers correctly on the Search page, the list of Document Numbers and titles shown on the Search Results page will correspond to the Document Numbers entered. It is important to verify that the search results include all of the Documents listed on the Purchase Order. To verify the search results, please print a copy of the Search Results page by selecting your browser print tool and compare the list of Document Numbers and titles with the Document Numbers and titles referenced on the Purchase Order. If any Document Number was entered incorrectly or omitted you may correct the number or enter another number in the Search Criteria box and click the Search button. This will reproduce the entire Search Results list including the corrected and/or added Documents. Click on the Document Number to view, in a new tab in your browser, any Document in the list. You may then read, print or save the Document.

Additional Search Results Page Help

  1. Documents may not be shown below the “results found” message in the same order that the numbers were entered. Check each Document Number in the Search Parameters box against the entire list on the Purchase Order.
  2. Document Number characters will appear with an underline to represent the last document selected for viewing.

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Who to Contact

Contact the person named on the Purchase Order before proceeding if any one or more of the following apply:

  1. If you have entered the Document Number correctly and the Document Number and title still do not appear on the Search Results page.
  2. If you have any questions or do not understand any part of the terms and conditions, exhibits, or addenda that are referenced on the purchase order, or
  3. If you take exception to those terms.

Do not use the “Contact Us” link in the Privacy Policy and Legal (Terms and Conditions) statement for questions related to this website or your purchase order.

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Document Numbering

It is important to carefully read each character in the Document Number when validating the Search Results. Each Document on the Website has a unique Document Number and title which enables positive identification by region, by sequence and by version.

  1. Regions - AF= Africa, AP= Asia Pacific, EU= Europe, NA= North America and SA= South America
  2. Sequence - Document Number starts at 0001 in each Region, and increments by one each time a completely new document is added
  3. Version - The original version of the Document is “A”, the first update is version “B”, the second update is version “C” and so forth.

When Documents are updated the version character will change but the Region and Sequence number will not change.

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Document Accessibility

Previous versions of the updated Document will remain on the website and can be retrieved by the Search function. Each Purchase Order is governed by the Documents referenced on that Purchase Order even if the referenced documents are updated during the term of the Purchase Order.

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Positive Identification of Documents

In addition, the Documents all follow the same format for Headers and Footers. The Header displays the short name of the Document, its application (location, business unit or region where it is used) and the Document Number. The Footer displays the date the Document was written (or released for use), page control, and the Document Number.

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